Why Permacity?

Our vision is to create a model for cities to become more self-reliant and to transition away from their dependence on fossil fuels. The hope is to pioneer a new approach to building a collaborative and resilient downtown using the principles of permaculture to differentiate how we derive our livelihood, food supply, transportation, energy, shelter, culture, and sense of community.

Rooted in the principle of the triple bottom line (planet, profit and people) and the three permaculture ethics (earth care, fair share, people care), Franklin Falls thrives and supports its ecology, economy, and the community in the following way:


Regenerates and sustains biologically diverse landscapes that support the health of all living things.

Celebrates, honors, and protects the land, rivers, and natural heritage of the area.


Creates opportunities for learning skills and jobs that support the stability and resiliency of the community.

Favors a creative versus a consumptive economy

Offers accessible and dynamic living and working opportunities that support multi-generational and diverse populations.


Fosters renewed connections to history and all the people who have called this place home

Recognizes that the human community is embedded within a larger natural community and that the people in this area have a deep relationship and connection with the land and natural heritage.

Encourages opportunities for face-to-face interaction and relationship building.

Establishes a clear sense of identity, place and community