Are you Permie-Curious?

The City of Franklin is in the midst of another transition as there is an urgent need to work with the positive energy that has been generated around saving valuable historic buildings and protecting the natural heritage, and to contribute to the economic stability of the greater City of Franklin. Town surveys and charrettes have been completed in recent years and provided a foundation for our vision and design for  a sustainable revitalization of Franklin Falls, area between the two bridges on Central Street that bookend downtown Franklin.

Our vision is to create a model for cities to become more self-reliant and to transition away from their dependence on fossil fuels. The hope is to pioneer a new approach to building a collaborative and resilient downtown using the principles of permaculture to differentiate how we derive our livelihood, food supply, transportation, energy, shelter, culture, and sense of community.

Permaculture is what our ancestors called “common sense”, including frugality, independence, and resilient systems and now includes things such as renewable energy alternatives, local food economies, and regenerating the natural environment. Permaculture, defined as the conscious design and maintenance of diverse, stable, and resilient natural ecosystems, harmoniously integrated with people in order to provide their food, energy, shelter and other needs in a sustainable way, is what has defined Franklin Falls’ past and will help to define its future. Rooted in the principle of the triple bottom line (planet, profit and people) and the three permaculture ethics (earth care, fair share, people care), Franklin Falls will thrive and support its ecology, economy, and the community.