About PermaCityLife

PermaCityLife, a non-profit organization was formally created in 2014 to serve as the catalytic organization focused on bringing the Franklin Falls Revitalization Plan to life.

Our mission is to lead the charge for positive and sustainable economic growth in downtown Franklin while protecting past investments. We are working in partnership with local government, private investors, and the philanthropic sector to support and develop specific real estate projects in downtown Franklin.

Carefully selecting development projects and transformative investments will require taking ambitious steps to leverage the distinctive physical assets of our downtown and maximize the economic, environmental, and social potential. In doing so we will set into motion an entirely new logic for our downtown and highlight a new set of possibilities. Triggering this ripple effect of multidimensional change will fundamentally remake the value and function of our downtown. Hidden value and markets will be released in places that did not previously exist or were only partially realized. Redefining the identity and image of Franklin Falls will effectively “remap” our forgotten and ignored downtown in new ways that promote resiliency, increased residency, visitors, workers, and spaces for people to gather and enjoy recreational activities.

Cleaning up environmental residue from past industrial uses will help us reach our “green” potential, increase our residential density, and rethink how we fulfill our energy and transportation needs. The historic mill district has grown up between the downtown and the three rivers. We’ve always been an outdoors town but now we’re bringing the experience back into the spotlight and dropping it right into the heart of the city.

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